Deep Impact Brand

Deep Impact is the premier builder of custom high performance center console boats. The builder offers three hull sizes with various configurations including cabin center console versions.

Deep Impact's reputation for building high performance center console boats began when the company was founded in 1998. In addition to high performance – referring to not just being fast, but having the ability to handle rough sea conditions- Deep Impact offers full customization services.

Deep Impact is well-known for providing a wide variety of custom options. For this reason, a significant number of Deep Impact boats serve as yacht tenders. Demanding customers expect the builder to accommodate custom requests, and Deep Impact delivers.

Deep Impact builds a line of center console sport fishing boats in 33', 36', and 39' sizes. The center console sport fishing market is substantial, and Deep Impact knows how to build a tournament ready boat.

Deep Impact participates in Poker Runs as a way to demonstrate their superior performance. Poker Runs were originally conceived and promoted to the offshore, high-performance market, but with competitive center console models becoming popular, there is now a center console class.

DeepImpact Boats

Deep Impact is one of the pioneers in building triple and quad engine installations for center console boats. The clients who specify triple and quad engine packages have a need for speed – and Deep Impact delivers!

Deep Impact builds premium quality center console boats, a significant number of which serve as yacht tenders to megayachts. There are several reasons for this: Deep Impact's unique styling, and Deep Impact will customize the boats to compliment the yacht owners' desires, and megayacht owners want a special yacht tender.

Deep Impact is an early adaptor in the development and use of twin step hulls. Deep Impact's twin step hull designs add approximately 10 MPH of speed, which translates to a nearly 20% increase in efficiency.